About Us

There was a time when the U.S. made the best steel in the world and with that, some of the best axes. Names like Collins, Plumb, Norlund, and Kelly ruled the day. Those days have come and gone and most of our steel is now made in China.
At Heritage we have not forgotten those days of glory and believe that these old axes deserve a second day. We poke our heads around in flea markets and salvage yards to find these old treasures. We bring the old axe heads back to life through hours of refinishing and polishing. These refinished and recycled treasures are then re-hung to US Forest Service instructions on Appalachian hickory handles hand made in Tennessee.
Our handles are then stained or painted to make these heritage axes the show piece they deserve. We then finish off our handles with the fire of the Heritage Axe Co. brand and seal them with purified organic linseed oil.



Natural Axes are restored vintage axe heads that are hung on Tennessee hickory handles to US Forest Service best practices and finished with organic boiled linseed oil. This would be ideal for an axe you would use every day.


Painted axes are the same as our Natural axes but the handles go through a process of painting that is both beautiful and at the same time usable. The lacquer that we use is extremely durable. These are great for light use (just to protect their beauty) and as a wall hanger for decoration.


We can restore any axe head a customer may have or procure one for you. We can do that in one of two ways: one is a light restore which leaves some of the axes patina and age, and the second is a full restoration where we will restore the axe to as close to new as possible while preserving the factory markings and roll marks. After the head has been restored we hang it on a handle length of the customer’s choice and finish it naturally with linseed oil or by painting the handle with the colors and design the customer has chosen.


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